Please enjoy an excerpt from If It Walks Like a Duck.

Randall had just turned down a small side street which would take them back toward the station house when a figure stepped out from a darkened doorway and waved.  Shulte muttered under her breath as Randall obeyed the summons and pulled the cruiser to the curb and rolled down his window.

“You need us right this minute, Andy,” Randall asked.  “We were just taking a civilian back to the station house.”

“You got a ride along,” Andy said, disgustedly.  “Figures.  Well, your civilian is just going to have to sit tight for a little bit.  You’d better see this.”

Randall shut off the engine while Shulte radioed in that they’d stopped.  They stepped out on the sidewalk, admonishing Ellen to stay put.

Andy led them over to the corner of the building where the alley met it, creating a wedge of sulfur-colored light from street light a few buildings farther down the street.  Ellen scooted across the seat and craned to watch out her window.  Andy was gesturing at a pile of rubbish that had been shoved over against the side of the dumpster.  She couldn’t see, at first, what was so interesting.  Then, she realized that the garbage seemed to be covered with a piece of shabby tweed.

Ellen recoiled and slid back across the seat, her hand clamped over her mouth.  She recognized that tweed.  She’d seen it just yesterday morning at breakfast and the day before in front of the bookstore.

That tweed was Sam’s coat and it wasn’t covering rubbish at all.